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Who we are

The company designs and manufactures a wide range of accessories for aluminum fixtures and is on the market among the three most important companies in the sector with a share of turnover intended abroad that exceeds 70%.

The FR produces and sells accessories with Ragni signature, a brand on the market for over 30 years. The production consists of a vast range of accessories for aluminum doors and windows, able to satisfy any construction requirement, from the simplest to the most complex. The company boasts a catalog of corners, cremone, double handles, tilt-and-turn door, hinges and glazing corners extremely exhaustive.

The FR exports to more than 40 countries all over the world, from those closer to us to Argentina or Martinique. Very present in countries that maintain good growth prospects such as those of North Africa and the Middle East.

This positive feedback from the market is due not only to professionalism, to the quality and reliability of the processes and to the punctuality of deliveries, also to the approach that the company has with the buyer. To respond to a more and more diverse and demanding clientele in terms of quality and service, the FR has organized itself to work in an even more flexible and vertical way, offering everything related to accessories for aluminum frames, investing in plants and equipment, but also in the continuous professional training of the employees. The main objective of the FR is to supply not the single article but a complete system with the accessories that the user needs.

Not only standard products, but also specific customized works based on customer requests, with a view to continuous collaboration with an uninterrupted exchange of information and proposals.


Production department

Special attention is given to the production phase. In 2012 the company renewed its fleet of vehicles by pushing on automation, but without underestimating the need to remain flexible to meet customer needs. Quality is set as one of the main objectives of the department and derives from the use of the latest technologies and a workforce of proven skill and competence.

The foundry is equipped with the latest generation of zamak and aluminum die-casting machines, all organized in robotized work islands that minimize human intervention during the molding phases and ensure a uniform quality of the production processes and therefore of the products.